Mia Khalifah – Unknown facts about Mia Khalifah, USA

As we all know Mia Khalifah was born on February 10, 1993. Her native name is ميا خليفة
and her brith place is Beirut, Lebanon.

You might don’t know that she have a second name as Mia Callista. From Lebanon she moved to United States in year 2000 alone with her family. She moved to Montgomery County, Maryland as a teenager and attended Northwest High School. Her nationality is American. Before doing P*rnography She graduated from the university of Texas at El Paso with a bachelor of Arts degree in history.Mia_Khalifah

In year of 2014 around month of October she started her webcam p*rnography in P*rnHub Website and the same year around December she became so famous and most controversial girl in Middle East because of her Islamic hijab wearing. In a short time of acting in a webcam model she was ranked number one in P*rnHub site and most searcheble social media personality. Within those 3 months she earn most of the popularity and money as well. As we all know popular adult model earn huge amount money at first while their craz on Mia also earned lot of cash from it.

Height 5 ft 2 in (1.57 m)[1]
Weight 121 lb (55 kg; 8.6 st)[1]
Website miakhalifa.com
Star Sign: Aquarius
Profession: P*rnstar
Language: English

She was nevertheless disillusioned with the p*rnographic industry and left it after three months. She also worked in a fast-food restaurant before entering in a adult p*rn industry. A customer asked her if she ever wanted to do p*rn and she accepted the offer and became p*rn actress. Mia Khalifa is synonymous with her glasses on. She is quickly climbing the ladder to stardom. She currently resides in Miami, Florida. Mia married an American man as soon as she turned 18. She has two tattoos. Mia states her parents ended their relationship with her due to her career in the p*rn industry.

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