How to make money from Youtube? Easy YouTube Money making tricks

Youtube is one the popular site for viewing videos. In this time it has moved so forward that it has put the television backwards. Anyone can create video and upload on Youtube and earn money from Youtube. Earning money from Youtube is not so easy as we think. So in these article we will describe the steps how to earn money from Youtube.

1. Create your Youtube channel.
First thing is that you have to create your channel. Youtube account is similar to Gmail account. You don’t need to create if you have already. For people to find your Youtube channel create keywords and make sure the keywords are appropriate to your channel. And your username should also be relevant because it plays an important role. If you have an existing account than you can change it from Google+ account.

2. Upload your Content.YouTube_money
While you are uploading content then check its quality because high quality is considered as good and don’t make it too long. Try to be stable and upload regularly. Work hard on your content and make better than the previous one. Regular uploads can help you to hold an audience. Put the tags which is related to your content So that it will be helpful when people search for the video.

3. Secure an audience.
For monetization increment you need to build an audience. You will make money from your viewers and they need to watch your ads. There is no secret key for getting suscribers because content is the king.

4. Monetization
You should enable monetization to get your earnings. Youtube will display ads in your video. And you need to cross 10,000 views
to earn money. After 10,000 views they will review your channel within one week and so after approval you will start to earn money.
At last you need to setup google adsense account for your payment and have to check your analytics.


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